How I Shop: Patrick Cripps

AFL star Patrick Cripps grew up on a farm in regional WA, along with his two brothers Josh and Daniel. His mum Cath would keep the boys full with simple “meat and three veg” dinners and plenty of pasta. Patrick, co-captain of Carlton, now lives in the inner-Melbourne suburb of Richmond and shares the cooking with his partner, Monique, but admits “Mon is much more equipped” than he is in the kitchen.

Patrick Cripps

Patrick Cripps: “I’m a basic person so the type of groceries I purchase at Coles are easy to make, healthy and taste good”

In Patrick's trolley:

Bananas, and a lot of them

I eat bananas in a range of different ways. I love to put them in a smoothie or on toast with peanut butter and honey. I often will whip up a healthy banana bread the night before a game or big training with the bananas I don’t eat that get old and brown.

Frozen blueberries

The key ingredient for my morning smoothie is frozen blueberries. I also enjoy eating them as a nightly snack with a tub of Danone YoPRO yoghurt.

Mayvers peanut butter with a hint of salt

This could potentially be my favourite item on the list. This peanut butter on toast with banana and honey is nearly my favourite dish of all time. It is also a key ingredient in my daily smoothie.

Coles chilli and lime-marinated salmon from deli section

I try to eat this one-two times a week. It contains plenty of good fats and is anti-inflammatory so great for post training or days after a game.


My favourite kombucha brand is Lo Bros. My go-to flavour is the ginger beer. Kombucha is good to have over dinner for a bit of fizz fix whilst also being good for your gut health.


This ingredient is a must for most of the salad I make. I also consume it with my eggs in the morning. 

Eggs or egg whites

These are a good source of protein in the morning. I mainly use egg whites for protein in smoothies or to make a high protein/low-fat zucchini slice as a good weekly snack or morning brekky. I eat zucchini slice regularly so this would also be a top runner in my weekly shop at Coles.

Arborio rice

 I’m a huge fan of Arborio rice. This is included in my pre-game risotto so I always make sure this is a staple item in the pantry.

YoPRO yogurt with fresh strawberries

This is a weekly addition. The benefit of this item is that it is a high-protein yogurt that’s low in sugar. I add fresh strawberries and frozen blueberries to this meal. I swear by this as a filling/healthy snack combo.

Broccoli and spinach

These are the two main veggies I chuck in my salads, along with avocado. I enjoy making a healthy broccoli salad and use spinach in any salad or add it to a smoothie. Another staple item in my diet.

Cobs popcorn

This is a great snack item. I usually go for the cheddar or slightly salted/slightly sweet flavours.