Perfect pork roasts

Easter is the perfect time for an impressive pork roast. We have 12 recipes that everyone will love.

1. Curtis’ roast pork with no-fail crackling

Curtis’ brings us his succulent roast pork with no-fail crunchy crackling.

2. Curtis Stone's roast pork with cauliflower salad 

This juicy roast pork is served with a delicious cauliflower salad topped with pomegranate and toasted almonds.

3. Pork belly with apple and pear relish

Serve up pork belly with a fruity apple and pear relish - it’s a must-try. 

4. Curtis’ crackling pork roast with pickled onions and cider jus 

This crackling pork roast is complete with pickled onions and cider jus to turn up the flavour. 

5. Pork belly with roast pear and rocket salad

This crispy pork belly is served with roast pear and a zesty dressing. 

6. Roast pork with Thai chilli-mustard sauce and herbs 

Jazz up your roast pork with this fragrant Thai-inspired chilli-mustard sauce. 

7. Pork belly with cherry gravy 

This delicious pork belly with cherry gravy looks great and tastes even better. 

8. Chinese five spice roast pork 

Impress loved ones with a pork roast that’s packed with Asian-inspired flavours. 

9. Crispy skin pork belly with caramelised apples

Try this irresistible crispy skin pork belly with caramelised apples.

10. Slow-roasted lime and ginger pork shoulder 

Put a zesty twist on your roast pork with this lime and ginger recipe. 

11. Roast pork leg with warm herbed potato salad

This tender roast pork leg and potato salad will have everyone going back for more.